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The Shag Music Zone

Shag The Band

Shag The Band
Steve D
Steve B
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Then and now...

Promo Poster 1988

Practice Studio- 1988


Shag- 2002




Shag- 2009: Tony, Steve B., Jill, Steve D., Ted

2010 Line up: Steve, Steve, Jill, Ted, Kyle


    Shag has been officially together since about 1999. After playing at an event for the Special Olympics, we were approached by bar owners to play for them on the weekends.  It just took off. All of sudden we were printing posters and selling T-shirts. The first three bars we played were Mac's Sports Bar in Ham Lake, Billy Bobs in Rockford, and Babes in Lakeville.
    How it all began: It started in the late 80's. Steve and Steve played in the band Renegade that broke up in 1990. After a few years and a couple of kids we decided just to get together to play for fun with whoever was interested in playing. After playing with many different musicians over the course of a few years the original Shag lineup began to form.
    Steph joined the band in 1999 and brought a new direction to the band and opened doors to a broader range of what we could cover. Not to mention, she was a lot better to look at than Steve B.
    Brian J. of St. Paul was the original bass player who was later replaced by Mike R. who was also once a member of Renegade. Mike decided in 2009 to hang up the Rock & Roll life to pursue other interests. Tony R. who is originally from Connecticut played with us for about 6 months. Which leads us to our current bass player; Kyle K. Kyle joined Shag in 2010 and is currently a student at McNally Smith School of music.
    Andre C. was the original drummer of Shag, later replaced by Mike W.  After two years with Shag and a job transfer to Ohio in 2006, Mike was replaced by Ted, our current drummer.
    In 2009 one of the biggest changes for Shag happened. Stephanie who fronted the band for over 9 years decided to hang up her Rock n Roll clothes to spend more time with her family and further her education. The Big boots weren't easy to fill but after many auditions we struck gold and found someone who could not only sing our current list but also brought a new dimension to the band. Jill joined Shag in 2009.
    Shag continues to evolve, but we are dedicated to having great chemistry as friends, having fun, and not taking ourselves too seriously; and we believe that it comes through in our shows.
    Shag wouldn't be anything without our loyal fan base and supporting families.
We Thank You.

Quit humping the lay-zer!

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